Welcome to Amherst MOMS Club!


Amherst MOMS Club is a support group for all moms living in Amherst, NY.  The "MOMS" in MOMS Club stands for Moms Offering Moms Support! MOMS Club offers you the chance to meet other moms and their kids for companionship, support, and fun. We understand that being a mom is a tough job -- we know, because we do it too!

We are the local chapter of the MOMS Club International -- a non-profit organization with over 1500 chapters and over 100,000 members around the world!

Our group primarily consists of at-home mothers, or mothers with flexible work schedules, who have babies, toddlers, and young children -- but we welcome all. Our activities, with the exception of MOMS NIGHT OUT, are during the day, because that is when moms need support the most. And all of our activities include our children, because we believe that having children shouldn't isolate you from having a social life! 

We invite you to come visit our next MOMS Club meet up or activity. You are invited to attend two different events before you decide to join. Please contact us for more information.

You can participate in MOMS Club activities as little or as much as you like. We have something going on every week, so come check us out. We are always looking for new moms to join in all the fun!